Kia Recalls

What is a Vehicle Recall?

A vehicle recall occurs when a specific vehicle model is deemed noncompliant with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, or it was determined to have a safety defect by Kia or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). That said, a good deal of these issues are not grave; it could be something that could potentially cause the vehicle to break down, like a faulty pump, without being immediately safety-related. Once a recall is issued, Kia will send a recall letter to all affected owners with all of the important information included for setting up the repair.


After Receiving a Recall Letter

If you receive a recall notice, it’s important for you to schedule the repair immediately for an urgent issue or at your earliest convenience for less-serious issues. If you are unsure if there is a recall on your vehicle, you can view all Kia recalls on the official Kia website or on the NHTSA’s recall directory. To get the most efficient results, you’ll need your vehicle identification number.


Scheduling a Repair on a Recalled Vehicle

To schedule a repair on your recalled vehicle, you can call the Balise Kia service department at 855-623-8187 or book an appointment online. Our dealership is located on 603 Riverdale Street in West Springfield, MA.