Kia Telluride vs Hyundai Palisade



The 2020 model year brings along with it two new, exciting three-row midsize crossover SUVs out of Korea: the Kia Telluride and Hyundai Palisade. While these models are quite a bit alike, at the end of the day they’re different enough to stand out from one another. Despite their similarities, the Telluride appears to have an advantage as the dominant newcomer. To learn more about how the Telluride and its superior attributes, read on.

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Engine and Exterior Styling

Although the vehicles share the same 3.8-liter 291 horsepower V6 engine and can pull up to 5,000 pounds, the Telluride has a slight advantage in fuel economy. EPA estimates for the Telluride are rated at 20 city/26 com/23 mpg city/highway/combined compared to the Palisade’s 19/26/22 ratings. On the outside, the Telluride’s style is also a bit more rugged, which should appeal to the off-roader, while the Palisade has more of a luxury effect to its appearance. This all comes down to personal preference, of course. But while the Palisade does well in the luxury department, the Telluride blends the two nicely for drivers intent on having both.

More Variety and Cargo Space

If you’re someone who likes options, then the Telluride should please you more. With four available trim levels, it beats out the Palisade’s three. Better still, the highest-level Telluride SX trim, which starts at $41,490, is quite a bit cheaper than the Palisade’s Limited, which starts at $44,700. The Kia Telluride also has an edge for carrying stuff. With the seats up, it provides 21 cubic feet of cargo space, but this increases to 87 cu. ft. when the seats are folded down. In contrast, cargo capacity in the Hyundai Palisade with its seats up and down is measured at 18 cu. ft. and 86.4 cu. ft., respectively.

Safety Equipment and Interior Comfort

Although both of these SUVs come with some of the most advanced active safety equipment on the market, the Telluride provides just a bit more right out of the gate. For example, unlike the base Palisade SE, the base Telluride LX includes a blind-spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert. If you want these features on the Palisade, you’ll need to upgrade to the SEL trim, which is priced a couple thousand dollars more than the LX.

For an added touch of luxury, the Telluride LX also comes standard with simulated SOFINO leatherette upholstery, in contrast to the standard cloth covering that you’ll find inside the Palisade SE. You’ll get to enjoy all of this in the LX for nearly the same price as you would for the SE, too. Although the Telluride is just a hair more expensive (starting at $31,690) next to the Palisade’s $31,550, its base-level ride is equipped with a few more standard features.