Kia Wheel Alignment in West Springfield


Whether your Kia is brand new or many years old, its may be in need of a wheel alignment. If your vehicle’s wheels are not in proper alignment, maintaining control of it may become difficult, putting your safety – and others’ safety – at risk. Misaligned wheels can also keep your vehicle from getting its best fuel economy, meaning wasted gas and money. Proper wheel alignment is also necessary so that the tires wear evenly; improperly aligned wheels don’t make correct contact with the pavement, which causes them to wear out prematurely and potentially develop dangerous bald spots. By making sure that your wheels are kept in alignment, you can avoid expensive maintenance, such as early tire replacement.


Causes and Signs of Misalignment

Wheel alignment is one of those maintenance tasks that isn’t necessarily needed only at predictable intervals the way oil changes and tire rotations are. That’s because certain on-road incidents, even just hitting a curb or pothole, can jolt one or more wheels out of their proper position at any time. If your Kia has been in even a minor fender bender, you should definitely take it in to have its wheel alignment checked.

Every car owner should make a habit to do a visual check at least every week (or at some other regular and predictable interval, such as every time you fill the gas tank). Also, pay attention for any changing sounds or sensations as you’re driving. Have you noticed that the tread on your tires is wearing unevenly? Or it is wearing out more quickly than it should? When you’re driving on a straight road, is your steering wheel cocked to one side instead of straight up and down? As you’re braking, does the car pull to one side or the other? Are you losing tire pressure in one or more wheels?  In some cases, misalignment may indicate that there’s a failed component somewhere in your suspension system.


Choose Balise Kia for Your Wheel Alignment

Any time you feel something is not right with your Kia, you should have it evaluated by a qualified service technician. The service department at Balise Kia is open 6 days a week to accommodate your busy schedule. You can make your appointment online, or call us at 855-623-8187. We look forward to seeing you and your Kia soon!

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